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EU forces lollipop ladies to go Continental

June 19th, 1995

British lollipop ladies are having to bow to Brussels’ relentless drive for harmonisation by getting new signs with a different design.
The Mail on Sunday, p.32, 19 June 1995)

The barmy bureaucrats of Brussels appeared to have gone totally bonkers last night…they banned the sticks used by our lollipop ladies. The Euro meddlers say foreign drivers may not understand the “Stop:Children” sign, suggesting they will simply drive on when a lady stands in front of them.
(News of the World, 4 July 1999, p9)

 This classic Euromyth is complete nonsense. British lollipop ladies’ sticks are not under threat from the European Commission. There is no EU legislation, which states that every school patrol in Europe must be issued with the same sign, nor are there any plans to introduce such legislation. The changes are the result of a decision taken by the UK Government to introduce a new coherent design, already used in Wales, based on an agreed stance taken under a UN-backed Convention dating from 1968.


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