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EU may try to ban sweet and toy ads

The Times, 5 February 1999, page 38
Makers of sweets and toys are alarmed at a threat by the European Union to ban television ads for under-12s, and the Advertising Association is launching a campaign to fight it. ‘Campaign’ reports that a ban is already in place in Sweden, and that the Swedes are expected to try to extend it across Europe when they take up the EU Presidency in 2001.

There are no EU plans whatsoever to ban television advertising for sweets and toys. The national policy of a single Member State (in this case Sweden) can in no way be assumed to lead inexorably to EU action. Were the Swedes to make a proposal concerning advertising during their presidency, the proposal would have to gain the support of the other Member State governments. As advertisements for under-12s are not banned in the UK, France, Germany, Italy etc. such a proposal would seem unlikely to succeed.