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EU meddlers ban kids on milk rounds

Schoolboy William Walker has been banned from helping his local milkman on the orders of the EU.
(The Mirror, 19 August 1998, p11)

A new EU directive makes it illegal for children of school age to deliver milk from vehicles on safety grounds.
(The Express, 19 August 1998, p20)

Schoolchildren are to be banned from working on milk rounds under an EU crackdown on child labour … Britain’s 20,000 milkmen, who face £1000 fines if they employ children yesterday claimed the ban was another attack on the British way of life.
(The Sun, 11 August 1998, p17)

A schoolboy has been told his £20-a-week job helping a milkman on his rounds has been outlawed by a new English directive. (The Telegraph, 19 August 1998, p10)

There is no new EU crackdown on child labour. The UK has implemented the directive 94/33 on the protection of young people at work which was agreed by the previous Conservative Government in 1994. The threshold for deciding what work to exclude from child labour was a national decision. In preparing for this the Department of Health consulted local authorities and industry bodies, before detailed rules for the UK were set out.