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EU seeks to outlaw 60 dog breeds

Myth: ‘An obscure new EU Directive’ is seeking to stamp out some 60 breeds of pet dogs which ‘Brussels experts’ have branded ‘genetic monsters’.
Source: Europa News (Agency) (12 July 1995)

Response: This is nonsense. Neither the European Union, nor the European Commission, has any competence in dealing with the breeding of dogs.

The Council of Europe, however, is known to be revising breeding standards for certain breeds within the framework of the Convention for the Protection of Pets. Any standards agreed upon would not have to be implemented in the UK without their prior ratification by the UK Government.

1. The Council of Europe adopted the Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals in 1987.

2. The Council, based in Strasbourg, was founded in 1949 in order to defend human rights and parliamentary democracy. It is guardian of the 1950 European Human Rights Convention. The Council has no direct connection with the European Union or its institutions.