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EU to end deals on the golf course

October 14th, 2001

“European rules on ‘indirect discrimination’ could outlaw age-old ways of networking – Clinched a deal playing golf? That may be sexist” (The Mail on Sunday, 14 October 2001, page 42)
Clinching that crucial business deal over a friendly game of golf has long been the route to the top. But soon, doing business on the golf course and in other traditionally male-dominated arenas could be a thing of the past, thanks to new European Union rules on sex discrimination. … For example, if a woman was not getting as much business as a male colleague who was landing deals on the golf course, and that limited her career options, she would have a case.

This story refers to a revised directive that marks an important step in bringing EU legislation up to date. The aim of these improved rules is to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace, combat discrimination and ensure equality between men and women.
There are no current plans to extend sex discrimination laws to include practices outside the workplace. This is another example of a sensible piece of EU legislation being twisted by a journalist into something that sounds overly bureaucratic and unworkable. There is no prospect of the EU outlawing business deals made on the golf course.

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