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EU to get a new anthem

February 3rd, 2004

EU fanatics want you to sing this dire anthem (The Sun, 3 February 2004, page 6)
Britons face having to sing a European anthem praising the EU “motherland,” it was revealed last night. Europe’s top bureaucrat Romano Prodi, right, has been given new words to go with the existing European hymn, Beethoven’s Ode To Joy. But Austrian academic Dr Peter Roland’s lyrics sparked fury with their Soviet and Nazi overtones. There are ominous echoes of Stalin’s imperialist Soviet regime in the line “…freedom for its people in a bigger motherland.”

There are no plans for these lyrics to be used for the EU anthem. The set of lyrics referred to in the article were merely a personal gift to European Commission President Romano Prodi that, incidentally, he was given during a trip to Vienna in February 2004 to receive a humanitarian achievement award from the Rabbinical Centre of Europe.

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