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EU to get a “Suntan Commissioner”

June 21st, 2005

Now EU wants a commissioner for suntans
Employers could be forced to carry out “risk assessments” on the strength of the sun under proposals from Brussels to protect outdoor workers. Workers would receive training in how to limit their exposure to sunlight, while managers would have to record preventative steps taken by employees – such as wearing shirts and hats… Britain’s one million outdoor workers would receive 20 minutes’ training a year in how to reduce risks from sun exposure. Employers would be required to pay for the training, as well as assessing and controlling workers’ exposure. The cost to industry would be £8 million over the next 10 years, according to the government assessment.
(Evening Standard 21 June 2005)

Firstly, the EU does not want a commissioner for suntans. The Commission’s London office was left rather perplexed after reading this headline in the Evening Standard, especially since it bears little relation to the content of the article. The Standard offered the following explanation: “Clearly it was playing on our readers’ perception that the European Commission seems to want a say in all aspects of our lives.” With this sort of story it might to be asked where readers get their perceptions from in the first place.


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