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EU workers immune from law

March 7th, 2005

It’s potty. EU plant workers can dodge law (The Sun, 7 March 2005)
Lowly EU officials in charge of PLANTS have been officially declared above the law – along with their families. The eurocrats have been granted diplomatic immunity normally reserved for high-ranking foreign envoys. Staff in charge of food, trains and translation can also escape punishment for offences committed… the concessions allow officials to escape prosecution for minor crimes like motoring offences… UKIP MEP Jeffrey Titford said: “Imagine if some young thug slings a brick through your window and the police arrest him. How would you feel if they had to let him go because daddy works for the EU?”

EU staff and their families cannot “dodge justice”. Immunity from prosecution, whether for a secretary or European Commissioner, does not extend to their private life. So if a young thug throws a brick at a window, the example MEP Jeffrey Titford uses, they cannot not escape punishment “because daddy works for the EU”. Neither will a Commission employee be let off for motoring offences. They would be subject to the full force of the law, just like everybody else.

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