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Eurocrats to force jobseekers to use common CV

February 21st, 2002

Bosses blast plan for a Europe-wide CV (Daily Mail, 21 February 2002, page 15)
Eurocrats want to force all jobseekers to use a standardised CV. … The European Commission wants every applicant for every job in the EU to set out this (sic) or her education and work experience in identical format. … Brussels warned that those seeking jobs in other member states could be discriminated against if their CVs were in the wrong format.

There is no question of anyone being forced to use a common European CV. The option of a common format would help people across Europe to present their qualifications more effectively thereby improving access to training or employment opportunities in the EU. It is hoped that a common CV will make it easier for employers to compare the status of qualifications awarded in different countries. If people choose to use the common format, it should help to remove some obstacles in the path of those looking for work abroad. But the choice is theirs.

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