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European identity cards to be required by all EU citizens

September 23rd, 1999

A big brother plan by Brussels to force every working person in Britain to carry a European identity number triggered outrage last night.  Eurocrats said the scheme was essential to help a new unit of ‘flying’ inspectors based in the Belgian capital to track down tax evaders. . .This comes despite vehement denials by European Commission officials that tax harmonisation was not being planned.
(Daily Mail, page 10, 23 September 1999)

There is no plan to force European identity numbers on British workers.  It was the EU’s Member State governments, not Brussels or so-called Eurocrats, who decided to set up a group to look into ways of combating fraud.  The group concerned had not even had its first meeting, let alone made any formal proposals, and it has nothing to do with ‘tax harmonisation’.  Combating fraud is a sensible goal which any sensible person would  support and this was perhaps reflected in the Daily Mail’s decision to cut the article in later editions.


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