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November 27th, 1998

Is Germany trying to succeed where it  failed in two wars ?
The EU, originally established as a group of free trading partners,will become a United States of Europe, with Berlin at its centre. Is Germany using its 80 million people and vast economic power to succeed where it failed to achieve with military might in two world wars? In other words, is Europe facing conquest by peaceful means?  
(The Sun, 4 January 1999, page 8)

Get lost, Gunther: Channel Islands reject German threat to end tax haven status.
A photo of Nazi soldiers marching down a Channel Island street accompanies this article. The caption reads “Jackboots … Nazi occupying forces march along a Channel Island street”.
(The Sun, 2 January 1999, page 2)

The Gauleiters of Europe who want to rule our lives.
The EU is being taken over by new Gauleiters, petty authoritarians steering Brussels to the Left. (Daily Mail, 27 November 1998)

This article also begins its short profile of German finance minister of Oskar Lafontaine with the phrase “Born into Hitler’s Germany in 1943…” (Herr Lafontaine must have been extremely precocious for such circumstances to mould his political outlook !)

These facile references to Nazi Germany overlook the very reasons why the European Communities were established.  Far from being a project comparable to Nazi domination of Europe, the EC was first and foremost set up in order to prevent such abominations happening again.  The founder of the European project, Jean Monnet, was a courageous opponent of Nazism during the Second World War and belonged to de Gaulle’s free French government exiled in London in 1940. He wanted to create strong links between the countries of Europe so that they would never be able to go to war with each other again. Co-operation between Germany, France and other EU states is not a sign of renewed German authoritarianism, but evidence that today’s politicians understand that they must work together in order to create a peaceful and prosperous future.


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