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Health warning on cigars

January 21st, 1994

A European Directive stipulates that all cigars sold have to carry a health warning. Transgressors face a £5,000 fine, resulting in many restaurants and public houses backing away from selling individual cigars. (Evening Standard, Londoner’s Diary, 21 January 1994)

Yes and no. As of 1994 packets of cigars, in much the same way as cigarettes, have had to carry a health warning on the packet. However cigars, unlike cigarettes, can be sold over the counter individually, often in their own cellophane wrapping or aluminium casing; formerly they would have escaped having to carry a health warning of any sort but now they must do so.
And yet, this is no reason why pubs should stop selling cigars individually. The actual implementation and monitoring of this law is left to the relevant UK organisations, as is the fixing of fines for transgressors.

(*) – 89/622/EEC (original) – 92/41/EEC (amendment)

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