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“High up” signs to be put on mountains

‘High up’ signs on mountains row (BBC News Online, 22 March 2004)
A Euro MP claims new EU laws to prevent falls at work will mean UK mountain pursuit centres having to warn people that they are “high up”… Welsh Tory MEP Jonathan Evans said…”This is madness – most people know that when they climb a mountain they will be up high!”

Twit peaks – Signs warn climbers: Careful, you’ll fall off (Daily Star, 24 March 2004, page 12)
Warning signs are to be put on mountains to let climbers know they are high up. A bizarre new law from Eurocrats is intended to prevent people falling on building sites. But the result is that mountaineers may also have to be warned they are at risk of tumbling off.

The EU “Working at Height” directive, aimed at protecting people such as builders, comes into force in July of this year. It was a agreed to by the European Parliament and member state governments in 2001, and aims to reduce the number of workplace fatalities due to falls (68 workers in the UK died in such incidents in 2002). The rules do not require “high up” signs on mountains or “Snow is slippery” signs, or for climbers to use scaffolding.