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Hunters to be required to carry a fridge and be accompanied by a vet

Statement: The draft Wild Game Meat Directive proposes that “every deer shot to be eaten should be inspected by a vet and refigerated at the point of kill”. As a result of this stalkers would have to carry a fridge up 3,000ft Scottish mountains, whilst paying for a trained vet to accompany them.

Response: This directive (DIR 92/45/CEE, 16.6.92), which is due to take effect as from 1.1.1994,, will not have any bearing on casual hunters. It is concerned with game meat hunted for commercial ends and establishes vetinary norms that apply equally to imported game meat from third countries. The claim that a fridge will need to be hauled up the mountainside along with a personal vet every time one goes hunting is absurd. Professional hunters will have twelve hours to deliver their game to a valid processing plant and it is only large scale hunting that will call for evisceration immediately after being put to death.