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Language requirements for doctors

April 6th, 2010

There is nothing in EU legislation to stop an EU country requiring people that work there to have adequate knowledge of the local language. There has been considerable reporting in the press that EU rules prevent doctors coming here from other EU countries being subject to language testing. This is not the case. The basic legislation setting out these rights says very clearly “Member States shall see to it that, where appropriate, the persons concerned acquire, in their interest and in that of their patients, the linguistic knowledge necessary to the exercise of their profession in the host country.” And in a judgement in 2000, the European Court of Justice agreed, in the case of a dentist, that a country could make the appointment of a healthcare professional

conditional upon his having the linguistic knowledge necessary for the exercise of his profession in the Member State of establishment

 Update 8 April 2010

Chantal Hughes, Commission spokeswoman for the Internal market clarified this issue at today’s press briefing.

View via this link [might require registration] Chantal Hughes explains EU rules on language tests for doctors

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One Response to “Language requirements for doctors”

  1. raymond says:

    Why shouldn’t the host country require doctors & nurses to take a formal language test. There have been several cases of language deficiences causing problems. The patients safety should be paramount and considered before any upset caused to an applicant by being asked to do a formal language test in the host country and assessed by the host country

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