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“Made in Britain” labels to be axed

Euro bureaucrats plan to axe ‘made in Britain’ label (Evening Standard, 12 January 2004, page 2)
British manufacturers could soon be banned from using the “Made in Britain” label on their goods. The European Commission wants to introduce a “Made in EU” mark that could eventually replace all indicators of national origin.

EU ‘to KO Made in UK label’ (The Sun, 13 January 2004, pages 2)
Brussels penpushers are plotting to ban ‘Made in Britain’ labels. They are secretly bidding to replace them with ‘Made in the EU’ stamps. Rolls-Royce cars, Scotch whisky, Kendal mintcake and Savile Row suits would all carry the labels under the plan.

The European Commission recently produced a document entitled “Made in the EU Origin Marking – Working Document of the Commission Services”. As the name suggests, this is not a proposal, but merely a consultative document looking at the pros and cons of products being marked with “Made in the EU”. It does not contain any plans to ban “Made in Britain” labels.