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Model Railways under threat from EU

May 19th, 2002

 Thousands of model railway fans are facing a threat to their innocent hobby – from Brussels bureaucrats. EU rules will come into force at the end of this month aimed at improving the safety of industrial boilers.. The European Pressure Equipment Regulations, which are backed by Whitehall, will hit the handful of manufacturers who make the copper boilers for model steam engines and larger ride-on engines at theme parks. The makers claim the extra red tape will cost them thousands of pounds and will put them out of business.
(The Mail on Sunday, 19 May 2002, p42)

Generations of fun enjoyed by miniature railway fans is set to run out of steam. European Union rules come into effect at the end of this month aimed at improving the safety of industrial boilers.
(Western Daily Press, 20 May 2002, p 15)

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) improves the system of safety checks on a range of items such as fire extinguishers and diving bottles, not just on boilers in steam trains. It also applies to power plants, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and oil refineries to name but a few examples. The directive actually cuts red tape because products will need to be inspected by only one national body, reflecting the fact that such products are sold in more than one EU country. These articles fail to realise the strong case for the stringent verification provided for by the PED. After all, faulty pressure equipment can kill. Under the new directive miniature railway fans are safeguarded via boiler checks, factory workers are better protected and manufacturers now have genuine access to the market, properly regulated to ensure safety.


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