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No ban on EU officials flying Ryanair despite incorrect Sunday Times report

March 19th, 2012

Letter published in the Sunday Times – slightly edited by the newspaper – on 18 March 2012

Dear Sir
Bojan Pancevski’s report “I can’t fly Ryanair – the EU’s paying” (11 March) is simply incorrect. The European Commission does not ban officials from using budget carriers. On the contrary, low-cost airlines are explicitly highlighted as an option in travel guidance for staff. They have to book Ryanair flights themselves because Ryanair – unlike some other low-cost airlines – does not allow travel agents to book tickets through industry booking systems. Also contrary to the report, EU officials are in most circumstances required to fly in economy class. In 2011, more than 80% of flights were in economy.

Antony Gravili
Spokesman for Administration, European Commission

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One Response to “No ban on EU officials flying Ryanair despite incorrect Sunday Times report”

  1. simon.gj says:

    Just a general comment on the work you do and not only this article; The frustration I feel going through this list makes me want to cry. Thank you for doing this and don’t give up, this is why the image of the EU in the UK is so poor. Keep it up.

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