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No EU threat to milk jugs

February 3rd, 2010

There is absolutely no basis to the front page claims in the Daily Express today (3 February) that “Euro meddlers rule we can’t have milk jugs”.  In fact, the Daily Express has acknowledged this, removing the piece from its website and replacing it with one indicating that this is the work of a team of researchers and has no connection with the EU at all.


What lies behind the misleading headlines is a report carried out by a team of researchers from the University of Valencia on local food businesses in which they conclude operators blatantly fail to apply existing EU hygiene rules for milk and dairy products.


The Commission fully supports the advice of the UK’s Food Standards Agency: milk jugs that are clean and stored appropriately before and after filling are totally in line with EU legislation.


2 Responses to “No EU threat to milk jugs”

  1. JoCo says:

    Surely, as the printed article has been read by millions, and relatively few will read the on-line article, the Daily Express should print a retraction in the printed newspaper?

  2. uk.admin says:

    The apology was printed today (8 Feb) on p 19 of the paper as well as in the online version.

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