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Open air floats and glass bottles face ban under hygiene laws

March 13th, 1993

Myth: The UK’s pint of milk delivered to the doorstep is under threat thanks to new EC hygiene laws. It is feared that cartons will have to replace bottles as foil tops do not have EC tamper-proof seals, and open-air floats will not keep the milk sufficiently cold.

Response: This is not so. The Council directive relating to the quality and hygiene of milk delivered to the doorstep is a decision accepted by all Member States, including the UK and Ireland. Competent national authorities are responsible for the implementation of those parts of the directive offering hygiene and anti-tampering requirements to ensure that the integrity of the milk is preserved from the place of production until the final consumer.

The Council directive concerned (92/46/EEC; 16.6.92) provides in Annexe Chapter V for competent authorities to grant derogations from the temperature requirement for doorstep deliveries.

As concerns the bottle sealing mentionned in Annexe Chapter III paragraph 4, most existing UK bottled and sealed (metallic top) milk can meet these elementary hygiene and anti-tampering requirements.

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