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Reform of the EU budget – Daily Express 28 October 2009

October 28th, 2009

Dear Sir,

Your front page “exclusive” today on the reform of the EU budget is exclusively wrong.

There are no “secret plans” to levy an EU income tax. No changes in the area of direct taxation can be made without the approval of all Member States, including the UK. There is no document on budget reform to be discussed by European leaders this week.

The EU budget is limited – at around 1% of EU GDP – but effective. A coordinated European approach – as opposed to 27 national approaches – to for example development or research policy avoids duplication and waste and saves money. But of course there is room for improvement.

Our task is to rethink the budget from scratch to ensure the best possible value for Europe, which includes UK taxpayers. That is what we will do.

Yours etc.

Antonia Mochan,

Head of Media
European Commission Representation, London


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