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Response to Daily Express article ‘EU time limit forces up cost of mobile phones’, 11th May 2011

May 12th, 2011

The new EU rules are all about giving consumers more and better choice of mobile phone services. As of 25th May, under EU law, consumers have the option to sign-up for a long-term contract (maximum initial duration of 24 months), and take advantage of interesting offers like free or subsidised handsets, or they must be also able to opt for a shorter 12-month contract which makes it easier to switch to a different operator if they find a better deal.

In fact we’re already seeing a wider range of choice – for example the USwitch website says there are now 4765 12 month deals available on the market now compared to just 279 in February 2011. Wider choice, means more competition and better prices and service for customers. This is partly thanks to the push from the EU and OFCOM for more a more competition in the telecoms sector.

UK consumer prices for mobile phone serviceshave fallen by at least around 50% since 2002 thanks to increased competition as a result of EU rules. If you send 30 text messages and spend 25 minutes talking on your mobile each month – you paid on average £10 a month in 2010 compared to £19.25 in 2002. Bigger talkers and texters, sending 42 texts and chatting for two and a half hours every month, paid on average £45.69 in 2002 compared to £12.50 in 2010.

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