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Response to Daily Mail assertions on EU Development Aid

December 18th, 2012

On December 11th, The Daily Mail carried an article with misleading assertions about the deciding and spending of EU Development aid in Uganda and Mozambique.

Below is our letter to the editor.


In a recent article on development aid in Uganda and Mozambique, misleading assertions were made about EU development aid.

It is not the case that in Uganda the EU has built so many roads that the network is ‘well beyond the size and standard the country can afford to maintain”.

Less than 15% of the national road network in Uganda is paved and infrastructure is still poor. This kind of infrastructure enables a land-locked country of 33 million to develop.

The ICAI report on which the article is based is one of many evaluations of EU aid. The independent European Court of Auditors has rated EuropeAid highly.

Neither is it correct that the “UK Government has little control over how it (aid) is spent.” The UK has voted for  practically all the main decisions on funding priorities. The UK through DfID is systematically consulted on spending decisions on the ground.

The last DFID Multiannual Aid Review ranked the EU’s main aid instrument as very good value for money while NGOs and EU Member States also repeatedly give it high rankings.

Catherine Ray, EU Spokesperson for Development

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