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Rocking horses to be banned

Off their rockers – EU wants to ban rocking horses (The Sun, 28 November 2003, page 35)
Barmy EU bosses are threatening to BAN rocking horses. A new “safety” law insists that toys for kids to ride indoors must be no more than 2ft high. That would nobble rocking horses – and mini carousels.

The European Committee for Standardisation (or CEN to use its French acronym), a non-EU body, has recently set a non-mandatory height standard for rocking toys. CEN standards are set by member states, consumer organisations and industry experts, including the British Standards Institution – the European Commission’s services are not involved. The EU Toys Directive 1988 recognises these standards, which aim to ensure products are safe and allow manufacturers to trade freely, but does not ban products that do not conform to them.