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Standard attack

September 22nd, 2010

The Evening Standard claims that EU officials demand rise in pay and pensions, 21 September

There is no planned increase in pensions – in fact, average EU civil servant pensions are declining. Recently, Eurostat prepared a report with projections for the future costs of the pensions system in the next half century. This report shows that a reform of the EU civil service introduced in 2004 will result in huge savings on pensions. Without it, the bill would have been a lot higher. Finally, the projections show an increase until 2046, followed by a decrease both in the number of pensioners and in the total bill.

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One Response to “Standard attack”

  1. manthorpe says:

    I suggest that this is an extremely weak and disingenuous rebuttal.  The reform of an unreasonably high burden to the tax payers of the European Union that may result in savings in 35 or so years’ time (savings of an even bigger burden) is nothing to be proud of.  Am I to thank the mugger who took all my money because he promises not to attack me again?

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