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Army to be forced to upgrade trailers in line with EU directive

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

EU’s brakes ruling costs army £21m
DEFENCE chiefs have been landed with a £21million bill to fit Army trailers with brakes – because they breach EC rules. Brussels bureaucrats are insisting on the change even though thousands of the trailers have been in use without problems since 1982… A senior Army source said: “It’s true the trailers don’t have brakes, but it doesn’t matter. They are towed by other vehicles such as Land Rovers and as long as they are attached properly the risks are tiny… Another source said: “This beggars belief. It is complete madness and a disgrace.”
(Sunday Mirror 26 June 2005)

The trailers are not in breach of EC rules, as there are no EC rules requiring the army to fit brakes on trailers in the first place.
There are laws that aim to improve safety standards for all vehicles, including trailers, but it is up to individual member states to decide whether they are applied to the military, or to quote from EU legislation, whether “vehicles intended for use by the armed services” must comply. “Brussels bureaucrats” are not “insisting on the change” and so cannot be blamed for landing defence chiefs with the £21 million bill.

EU launches its own army

Thursday, November 23rd, 2000

“Now Brussels sets up rapid response unit” (The Daily Telegraph, 23 November 2000, page 1)
The European Commission is planning to set up its own “Rapid Reaction Facility”…They are intended to allow the Commission “to fully assume its role of co-player” in the European Security and Defence Initiative….

The rapid response unit was set up inside the European Commission in May 2000 on the back of proposals from Chris Patten, Commissioner for External Relations. It aims to ensure that the Commission can react quickly to unfolding crises, such as earthquakes or other humanitarian disasters. This measure is categorically not linked to the decision by EU Member States to create a joint military capacity. The Commission does not perform any kind of military role.

EC in the UK

Check the EC Representation in the UK website

Please note that all statements in all entries were correct on the date of publication given. However, older archived posts are not systematically updated in the light of later developments, for example changes to EU law.

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