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Daily Express’s “11 barmy EU rules” either do not exist or are rather sensible

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

A pop-up on the Express web site, appearing for some time now via various pages featuring EU “news” and prominent in online searches, is headlined “Brussels’ craziest decisions.”

It cites “the top eleven unusual rules proposed by Brussels that seem too barmy to be true”.

That is because about half of these stories are simply not true. And the others are seriously misleading.

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Copyright Tax to be levied on all home VCR recordings

Monday, March 20th, 2000

Europe wants tax on taping TV at home
Families face paying a levy to video their favourite television programmes under a new European directive…
(The Sunday Telegraph, page 10, 19 March 2000)

Euro-prats want a tax on TV tapes
Meddling Eurocrats want to tax TV addicts who tape their favourite shows…
(Sunday People, page 35, 19 March 2000)

Euro tax wind-up on vids
The proposal was sneaked into the latest EU copyright directive…
The Star, page 7, 20 March 2000)

So-called “Euro-prats” have not “sneaked” anything into the amended proposal for a Copyright Directive.  In fact, the proposal explicitly states that compensation due to rightholders as a result of private copying of this kind would be “up to the Member States to decide in accordance with their legal traditions and practices”.  The UK would therefore be perfectly entitled to continue its practice of not imposing any such levies.

EU vote could curb taping of music and TV programmes

Wednesday, February 10th, 1999

A crucial vote will decide whether programmes can be legitimately copied to video from televisions or music from CDs duplicated to tapes without a fee being paid to the artist … British consumers are likely to be most affected by the move. Britain is one of only three EU member states … not to levy a blanket copyright fee on each blank tape sold. (The Guardian, 10 February 1999, p7)

Concerns have been raised by consumers and others of the draft EU Directive on copyright in the information society may require levies to be imposed on blank tapes. These concerns stem from proposed amendments to the Directive recently adopted by the European Parliament, which would require right owners to be compensated where exception to their rights permitting private copying are provided in national law. However, the outcome on the Directive is not yet clear since negotiations in the Council of Ministers are still at a relatively early stage, and it cannot be adopted until both the Council and the Parliament agree. In the UK, there is an exception allowing home recording of broadcasts to enable viewing or listening at a more convenient time. The position on private copying of music CDs is different since in general there in no exception in the UK permitting this. It is envisaged that this would remain subject to authorisation by rights owners.

EC in the UK

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Please note that all statements in all entries were correct on the date of publication given. However, older archived posts are not systematically updated in the light of later developments, for example changes to EU law.

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