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Brussels to develop Europe-wide school curriculum

Monday, August 7th, 2000

 Brussels bureaucrats are drawing up a £300 million blueprint for a new curriculum to teach EU history and culture…
The Sun, page 2, 7 August 2000)

But in the same Treaty Article, Member State governments also ask the Commission to “contribute to the development of quality education by encouraging cooperation between Member States”. Since 1995 more than a million people in the European Union have taken advantage of the Socrates, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Youth for Europe programmes to study, train, further their personal development or do community work in a country other than their own. They have had an opportunity to pick up new skills, speak another language, see new ways of tackling problems. They have been exposed, even if only briefly, to another culture, different working methods and perhaps new ideas.
It is in this context that the Commission has recently advertised for experts to help manage its future education programmes. The suggestion that this tender will cost £300 million is ridiculous.

EU to scrap British exams

Sunday, January 23rd, 2000

Britain’s A-levels and university degrees could be axed in an EU plan to harmonise schools and teaching. They would be replaced by European-style diplomas…
(Sunday Express, p7, 23 January 2000)

The Portuguese Presidency document in question expressly talks about “fostering the mobility of students, teachers and training staff … through recognition of diplomas”. It is hard to see how this can be interpreted as “harmonisation”. It is also wrong to give the impression that an EU-wide curriculum of this type could be imposed. The responsibility of Member States for the content and organisation of teaching is specifically protected within the Treaty of Amsterdam.

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