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Smoky bacon crisps face EU ban

Sunday, May 4th, 2003

Smoky bacon-flavoured crisps and other artificially smoke-flavoured foods are to be outlawed under new Euro regulations. The European parliament has declared that the chemicals producing the distinctive taste, extracted from condensed woodsmoke, may contain cancer-causing agents.
(The Sunday Times, 4 May 2003, page 3)


 New EU measures have been proposed that aim to safeguard public health and consumer interests because many “smoke flavourings” are derived from the condensates of smoke, and these may contain harmful chemicals. To be as certain as possible that these flavourings do not pose a health risk, the proposed directive would establish a proper testing system applicable across the whole of the EU. However there is no proposal at all to ban smoky bacon crisps or other smoke-flavoured foods. Furthermore, the industry is broadly in favour of the moves because it would mean products were subject to a single set of rules – at present, standards vary from country to country across the EU.

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