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Politically correct Eurocrats say Santa must be a woman

Wednesday, October 24th, 2001

“The EU Santa Clause” (The Sun, 24 October 2001, page 3)
Stores are stocking MOTHER Christmas outfits – to avoid being taken to court. Woolworths bosses are putting the sexy £9.99 costumes…into 800 stores after a sex discrimination ruling from Brussels. According to clause 3.5 of the EU’s Gender legislation, the “elimination of existing cultural prejudices and social stereotypes is paramount for the establishment of gender equality”. Woolies reckon this means that products which reinforce gender stereotypes or are seen as derogatory to one sex cannot be sold.

This is clearly nothing more than a cheap marketing prank.

EU rules aim to prevent discrimination against female employees at work and have nothing at all to do with the characteristics of goods sold in shops.

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