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Banning plasma TVs

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Energy-guzzling plasma TVs will be banned in Brussels eco blitz
(Daily Mail, 12th January 2009)
Giant energy-guzzling flatscreens are expected to be banned under legislation due to be agreed by the EU this spring. Plasma screens have been nicknamed the ‘4x4s’ of the living room because they use up to four times as much electricity and are responsible for up to four times as much carbon dioxide as traditional cathode ray tube sets…

Now the EU wants to ban your plasma television (Daily Express, 12th January 2009)
In its battle against global warming the EU wants to phase out the most inefficient TVs.
The move has been blasted by civil rights campaigner and Daily Express columnist Ann Widdecombe. The Tory MP condemned the plans as “outrageous interference” in people’s personal lives…


Stories stating that large plasma TVs are set to be banned under EU legislation this spring are not correct, there is no proposal to ban plasma screens.

Two measures are to be introduced:

1. Minimum standards for the energy efficiency of televisions, including plasma TV screens.
2. A TV energy-labeling scheme using the well known A-G classes which already exist for products like washing machines and fridges.

Televisions are a common household appliance that require a considerable amount of energy. The aim of these measures is to reduce CO2 emissions and help combat dangerous climate change, while saving people a lot of money. Only the new and emerging TV technology is being targeted, so people can continue using their current TVs without any problems. The quality and availability of new plasma TV screens will not be affected, the public will simply be able to make an informed decision regarding a TV’s energy efficiency when making a purchase. The manufacturing industry has welcomed the initiative.

EC in the UK

Check the EC Representation in the UK website

Please note that all statements in all entries were correct on the date of publication given. However, older archived posts are not systematically updated in the light of later developments, for example changes to EU law.

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