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Teasmades go off the boil thanks to Brussels

Brussels calls time on the Teasmade cuppa (Evening Standard, 22 February 2002, page 5)
The Teasmade is dead. And today the finger of suspicion for killing off one of Britain’s best loved institutions was being firmly pointed at the European Union. According to its makers, bureaucrats in Brussels have decreed that having a pint of boiling water perched on your bedside table seconds before you are wrenched out of sleep by an alarm call could be hazardous.

Wake-up call for lovers of Teasmades (The Daily Telegraph, 22 February 2002, page 37)
“Brussels bureaucrats have decreed that [tea-making machines] are too risky to have by the bedside!”

No such ban exists at either the EU or UK level. Neither the Low Voltage Directive nor the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive ban tea-makers and the European Commission has not made any proposals to this effect.