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The infamous “euro-sausage” threatens British bangers

Euro threat to kill the British banger
The traditional British banger is under threat from Brussels chiefs who want to REDUCE the amount of meat in it. Under strict UK regulations pork bangers must contain at least 65 per cent meat and other varieties 50 per cent. But the EU wants to slash that figure to just 36 per cent… The new rules could also ban the traditional British practice of allowing a certain amount of fat to count as meat in bangers.
(The Sun, 15 June 2001, page 23)

The European Commission has proposed amending a directive to improve the labelling and reduce the fat content of certain food products, including sausages. If adopted, consumers would be able to tell from the label exactly how much real meat was in sausages, as well as how much was fat and cheap ‘mechanically recovered meat’. The UK already has national legislation on the meat content of sausages and nothing in the EU proposals will prevent the British from continuing to count mechanically recovered meat as meat to fulfil that national legislation. What may happen, though, is that the quality of meat used in some sausages may have to be improved as a result of the EU legislation.