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UK milk bottles threatened by Brussels

“Doorstep pintas may be broken by Brussels” (Daily Mail, 31 July 2001, page 33)
The glass milk bottle…faces oblivion from a new EU directive.

“EU threat to British pinta” (The Sun, 1 August 2001, page 2)
The traditional British milk bottle is under threat from a new EU directive. Brussels chiefs are looking at replacing the pinta with plastic cartons to cut down on waste. 

“Newsrounds caught in red tape tangle” (The Sunday Telegraph, 26 August 2001, page 13)
So along with doorstep delivery of milk bottles, soon to be outlawed under a new EU packaging waste directive, which regards re-usable milk bottles as environmentally undesirable (plastic containers are preferred),…, another sliver of the British way of life bites the dust.

The glass milk bottle does not face oblivion from a new EU directive. A study was recently carried out for the European Commission into recycling of different forms of packaging. It concluded that for some forms of drinks packaging recycling or reuse makes little sense in environmental or economic terms. Neither the study nor the draft Packaging Waste Directive mentions glass milk bottles. The daily doorstep milk delivery in the UK is completely safe.