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Veil is lifted on new order for Britain

Amid all the furore over proposals for EU tax harmonisation, another important aspect of the political integration of the EU has almost wholly escaped attention. Two recent speeches … have lifted the veil even higher on the plan to split up the United Kingdom as part of a “Europe of the Regions”, sidelining national Governments in favour of regional governments relating directly to Brussels … In the UK … the setting up of regional assemblies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is merely a first step, with an assembly for London to follow.
(Sunday Telegraph, 6 December 1998, page 16, Christopher Booker’s Notebook)

The creation of regional assemblies for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as the London assembly, are all UK government policies and were part of the Labour Party’s general election manifesto. Furthermore, the creation of assemblies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were all backed in separate referendums. It would seem that it is Christopher Booker who is out of touch with the will of the British people.