Late validation of your application – EPSO/AD/230-231/12

Three weeks after the opening of the Administrators’ 2012 cycle competitions, we can see that very few amongst you have actually validated their application for competitions EPSO/AD/230-231/12.

Although we do not know the exact reasons, some of you might have wrong expectations by validating your application later, such as:

1. You might think that when validating late, you will get a later testing date. This is not necessarily true. The later you validate your application, the later you will get your booking invitation that will be closer towards the end of the testing period. This also means that you will have less timebetween the day you book and the day you take the tests.

2.  You might think that you will have a bigger choice of testing date. Although we do our best to have an acceptable range of dates amongst which candidates can chose their test date, it is obvious that those who book late will not have the same choice as those who book early.

3. We would also point out again that EPSO cannot be taken responsible for any technical issues encountered by candidates on their side who decide to validate their application late.