Specialists competitions 2013 – update on CBT tests (UPDATED on 13/09/2013)


Last week, the invitations to the case study that will take place on 1/10/2013 for all candidates were published in the candidates’ EPSO accounts. Candidates are requested to send their keyboard and test centre choices by 5/9/2013 at the latest. Booking for the tests will take place between 10/9/2013 and 17/9/2013.

The case study is the first part of the Assessment centre. Whereas we informed candidates in a former letter (published in June/July) that all computer-based tests would take place on the same day, we had to change our plans and these tests will now be organised separately:

– The case study will take place on 1/10/2013 (see the invitation in your EPSO account) in the EU tests centres.

– The other computer-based tests (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests) will take place between 7/10/2013 and 12/10/2013 in the EU test centres. Booking invitations with further information will be published in the EPSO accounts during the second half of the week of 16/9/2013 (information UPDATED on 13/09/2013).

The remaining assessment centre tests are planned to take place at a later stage in Brussels/Luxembourg.  Candidates will receive further information via their EPSO accounts.

Some Member States organise information sessions to prepare their citizens for competitions. Please check the page: http://europa.eu/epso/apply/info_sessions/index_en.htm

If you do not see a link next to your Member State, it means that EPSO has not received any information on this subject from the Member State concerned.

Updated information on further steps of the selection procedure is available at http://europa.eu/epso/doc/epso_planning_en.pdf