Admission test results and next steps of open competition for administrators in the field of audit (EPSO/AD/277/14)

Administrators (AD5) in the field of audit (m/f)

– The results of the computer-based admission tests were published in the EPSO accounts on 24/10/2014.

– As indicated in the General rules governing open competitions and confirmed by case-law, candidates cannot receive the wording of the questions and answers of the computer-based multiple-choice tests as they might be re-used for other tests/competitions.

– At this stage of the procedure, we will no longer accept any request for review concerning specific test items/questions. Candidates had 10 days after they sat their tests to file a request for neutralisation (see the General rules governing open competitions)

– Due to neutralisation of test questions, your test result might not be a whole number. Please check detailed information on neutralisation in the General rules governing open competitions

Situational judgement test: Please check for examples and information on scoring

Numerical reasoning test results: depending on the type of profiles sought, the EU Institutions decide on the weight of the different tests in the total result. This decision depends indeed on the type of competition and is always announced in the Notice of competition.

– In line with the General rules governing open competitions, complaints should only be sent by e-mail via the online contact form

– Information on the admission to the assessment centre phase should be published next week in the candidates’ EPSO accounts. The number of admitted candidates will be published on

– The case study is planned to take place in January in the test centres in the 28 Member States (not outside the EU). The dates for the other Assessment Centre tests will be published at a later stage in Luxembourg. They are planned to start around November-December at the earliest. Invitations will be published in the EPSO accounts 3 weeks before the test at the latest.