Admission results – EPSO/AD/277/14

Administrators (AD 5) in the field of Audit

Publication of admission results in candidates’ EPSO accounts:  27/10/2014

Minimum score needed in the admission tests to be invited to the assessment centre: 63.00
Number of candidates invited to the Assessment centre: 100.

The Assessment Centre will take place over two non-consecutive days. You must attend both parts.
The oral Assessment Centre tests (structured interview, oral presentation and group exercise) will take place between 17/11/2014 and 15/12/2014 in Luxembourg.
The case study will take place most probably on 09/01/2015. As all candidates must take the test on the same day, it is not possible to change the date and no subsequent rescheduling will be authorised

In order to help with the smooth running of these tests, please remember to keep the personal details in your EPSO account up-to-date – in particular your address and email.

Some Member States organise information sessions to prepare their citizens for competitions. If you do not see a link next to your Member State, it means that EPSO has not received any information on this subject from the Member State concerned.

Full information on this competition is available here.

Please check your EPSO account at least twice a week.