Rules on assessment of professional experience (EPSO/AD/293/14)

Competition Lawyers, Corporate Finance experts and Economists


(please also refer to requirements in the Competition notice)

Candidates must meet all the eligibility requirements by the closing date for submission of registrations to the competition. The Selection Board is not allowed to take into account professional experience acquired after this date and will therefore be obliged to exclude you from the competition. Professional experience is relevant only if acquired after the diploma giving access to the competition was obtained.

Your professional experience will be taken into account only if it is relevant to the nature of the duties described in the competition notice. As a general rule, it should also:

  • be remunerated,
  • constitute genuine and effective work,
  • involve a subordinate relationship or the supply of a service.

Any elements of your professional experience which fall into the categories listed below will be accounted for as follows:

  • Voluntary work: only paid voluntary work can be taken into account. It must be of comparable intensity (in terms of weekly hours) and duration to a regular job.
  • Traineeships: traineeships will be considered as professional experience if a salary is paid.
  • Compulsory military service: compulsory military service will be taken into account for a period not exceeding the statutory duration of compulsory military service in the Member State of which you are a national. Military service may have been completed before or after the award of the diploma required for admission to the competition.
  • Maternity/paternity/adoption leave: maternity/paternity/adoption leave will be taken into account if it is covered by an employment contract. If the event (birth or adoption) occurs while you are seeking work, the leave will not be considered as professional experience.
  • Doctorate: all doctorates, whether or not they involve remuneration, will be considered as professional experience up to a maximum of 3 years, provided that the doctorate degree was actually obtained.
  • A master diploma obtained after the degree giving access to the competition cannot be converted into professional experience.
  • Professional experience simultaneously acquired with your degree giving access to the competition will be counted from the date following the day on which you have been awarded your diploma
  • A 4 or 5 years diploma, obtained without an intermediate degree (Bachelor or other) will remain an undividable diploma giving access to the competition, excluding the convergence of the 4th and/or 5th year into professional experience.
  • Part-time work: part-time work will be calculated pro rata based on the number of hours worked. If, for example, you worked half-time for six months, your experience will be accounted for as three months.