Computer-based test (CBT) centres

The final list of test centres for your specific competition is normally published a few days before the booking starts at

The locations available vary according to the competition and/or the specific test(s) to be delivered (see below).

 We also constantly review the number and locations of test centres worldwide, removing any which are no longer in a suitable testing location or no longer conform with our standards.

  1. Worldwide computer-based testing (all 28 EU Member States + around 31 test centres in third countries) is applied only for:
  • Admission tests in AD cycle
  • Admission tests in AST 3 cycle
  • Admission tests in AST-SC cycle
    (applied systematically for these large scale competitions due to the large numbers of candidates expected).
  1. Computer-based testing in the 28 EU Member States only is applied for:
  • Admission tests in competitions for translators and interpreters
    (due to the much higher complexity of the exam set-up compared to the competitions mentioned under point 1)
  • Admission tests in all Specialists competitions if CBT is organised upfront when there is a high number of candidates
    (mainly due to the very short notice between decision-taking on CBT upfront and the start of the testing period)
  • Computer-based case studies for all competitions and preliminary translation tests for administrators’ linguists competitions and lawyer-linguists competitions
    (due to the need to distribute keyboards according to candidates’ choices and to take into account different time zones).
  1. Reduced computer-based testing (i.e. less than the 28 EU Member States) is applied for:
  • Interpreters intermediate audio-video tests
    (due to the complexity of the exam and of the infrastructure needed)
  • Specialist competitions when computer-based tests are organised at the assessment centre (only in Brussels and/or Luxembourg).