Pre-admission results published for the fields 1 and 4 – EPSO/AST/133/14

Assistants (AST 3) in the field of information and communication technology

Publication of admission results in candidates’ EPSO accounts: 02/02/2015

Number of candidates admitted to Talent Screener:
Field 1 : 566
Field 4 : 418

Number of candidates non-admitted to Talent Screener (have passed the admission tests with the highest marks, but didn’t satisfy the eligibility conditions (Qualifications/diplomas and professional experience), please see the Notice of Competition, III and V. 1. A):
Field 1 : 43
Field 4 : 56

Number of candidates who didn’t get the minimum score (see below):
Field 1 : 446
Field 4 : 77

Minimum score needed to be admitted to Talent Screener:
Field 1 : 31,667
Field 4 : 26

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