Next steps – EPSO/AST/133/14 – UPDATED

Assistants (AST 3) in the field of information and communication technology

For all 5 fields, the case study will take place on 30/04/2015 in the test centres in the 28 Member States (not outside the EU).

The Assessment Centre tests for these fields will take place in Brussels.
Test period :
Field 1 – Information systems: planned from 15 April until 16 July (to be confirmed in the invitations that will be published at least 3 weeks before the start of the tests)
Field 4 – Office IT infrastructure and data centre:  from 20 April until 6 July (invitations published in the EPSO account on 10/03/2015)

Please regularly check the indicative planning.

Some Member States organise some sessions of Training and support to prepare citizens for competitions. If you do not see a link next to your Member State, it means that EPSO has not received any information on this subject from the Member State concerned.

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