Message to all candidates invited to Assessment Centres, Case Studies and other tests this week (25-27/11/15)



Assessment Centres and Case Studies have been taking place this week as planned without incident. Although the alert level in Brussels will remain unchanged until Monday 30th November 2015, the vast majority of Commission staff is working as normal albeit with increased vigilance and security measures in place. According to the information received from the Belgian authorities, there is no indication for a specific threat against EU institutions.

Therefore assessment centres, case studies and other tests planned for the rest of this week will take place as foreseen.

Travelling from and to Brussels is currently not affected. The Metro is set to reopen progressively as of Wednesday 25/11/2015, but it is possible that certain combined metro/train hubs (including Schuman) will not reopen immediately.  Please keep in mind that you may still be confronted with delays or limited transport means when moving inside the city.  Further information is available at: Belgian railway, Brussels public transport.

Please continue to follow the recommendations provided by the Belgian authorities (