Invitation to the interpreting tests (EPSO/AD/311-314/15)

Conference interpreters Invitation to the tests (AD7) published in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 28/04/2016 Tests will be held as follows: Grade CS HR LT MT AD7 27/05 – 08/07/16 (6 candidates) 26/05 – 14/07/16 (12 candidates) 18/05 – 15/07/16 (16 candidates) 18/05 – 01/07/16 (15 candidates) Tests for grade AD5 will be held in September(…)

Invitation to the Assessment phase – EPSO/AD/304-307/15 – Updated 13/06/2016

Lawyer-linguists: Court of Justice. Indicative duration of the tests Arrival at the test centre and ID check: see invitation letter General competency-based interview: 30 minutes Group exercise: 40 minutes Oral presentation: 10 minutes + specific competency-based interview: 30 minutes Reasoning tests: see invitation and separate letters Further information is available in the Assessment centre manual. EPSO/AD/304/15(…)

Final results of the competition – EPSO/AD/302/15

Administrators in the field of audit Publication of assessment center and final competition results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 02/05/2016 Number of candidates on the reserve list:  76 No minimum score – all candidates who passed the tests are on the reserve list The reserve list will be published in the Official Journal around a(…)

Open for applications (EPSO/AST/137/16)

Applications are now open for the competitions EPSO/AST/137/16 for: LINGUISTIC ASSISTANTS – Slovenian (SL) LINGUISTIC ASSISTANTS – Slovak (SK) LINGUISTIC ASSISTANTS – Dutch (NL) LINGUISTIC ASSISTANTS – Maltese (MT) LINGUISTIC ASSISTANTS – Hungarian (HU) LINGUISTIC ASSISTANTS – Croatian (HR) LINGUISTIC ASSISTANTS – Irish (GA) LINGUISTIC ASSISTANTS – Danish (DA) The deadline to apply is 31/05/2016, 12.00(…)