Extension of the validity of our CAST databases

We would like to inform candidates whose names feature in one of the following databases of eligible candidates that the validity of the database has been extended until 31/12/2017. EPSO/CAST/25/05 EPSO/CAST/1-6/07 (CAST 27) EPSO/CAST/RELEX/2008 EPSO/CAST/SECR/2008 EPSO/CAST/CRO/2009 EPSO/CAST/01/2010 EPSO/CAST/02/2010 (Phase 1) EPSO/CAST/02/2010 (Phase 2) EPSO/CAST/S/1/2011 EPSO/CAST/S/2/2012 EPSO/CAST/S/3/2012 EPSO/CAST/S/7/2013