Administrators in different fields (2012 cycle)

On this page you will find specific information relating to competitions EPSO/AD/230-231/12 for Administrators (AD5 – AD7) in the following fields: European Public Administration, Law, Audit, Communication, External Relations.

Important documents:
Competition notice

Guide to open competitions

How to apply” manual

If you need more general information on our selection procedures, please have a look at the FAQs that are published on the general “Administrators” page (access via the bar above).   If you really cannot find an answer to your question in any of our pages, please contact us via our online web form where you should select the subject title “Ongoing competitions”.


Dear Candidates, due to a technical issue which has now been rectified we would like to confirm the opening and closing times for each session for the upcoming testing window.   If you were affected by a time change, you should have received an updated confirmation email to confirm the updated and correct time. If in(…)

Bericht voor Nederlandse deelnemers aan het AD 230-231/12 -concours

Ben je uitgenodigd voor het assessment? Dan kun je bij een voorbereidende training volgen. Deze intensieve training duurt twee dagen en wordt gegeven door een gerenommeerd assessmentbureau. Je kunt deze training kosteloos volgen, wel wordt 100% inzet verwacht (inclusief huiswerk). De trainingen vinden plaats op verschillende data in augustus en september. Meer informatie vind je op de website van Inschrijven voor deze(…)

EPSO/AD/230-231/12: Invitation to the Assessment Centers published in the candidates’ EPSO accounts

Invitation to the Assessment Centers published in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 30/07/2012 Assessment Centre sessions will be held between as follows (final date approximative): Grade EPA LAW AUDIT COMMUNICATION EXTERNAL RELATIONS AD 7 17.09-19.11.12 (97 candidates) 17.09-08.10.12 (37 candidates) 19.09-26.09.12 (15 candidates) 19.09-10.10.12 (36 candidates) 19.09-26.09.12 (17 candidates) AD 5 17.09-04.12.12 (195 candidates) 17.09-19.11.12 (149(…)

Nachricht für die deutschen Bewerber des Auswahlverfahrens EPSO/AD/230-231/12

Nachricht für die deutschen Bewerber des Auswahlverfahrens EPSO/AD/230-231/12 Das Auswärtige Amt beglückwünscht die deutschen Kandidaten, die die erste Hürde des Auswahlverfahrens erfolgreich genommen haben und zum Assessment Center eingeladen wurden. Zur Vorbereitung auf das Assessment Center bietet das Auswärtige Amt  Coachings mit erfahrenen Bewerbungstrainer/Innen an (11./12. August in Bonn, Reservetermin am 18./19. August ebenfalls in(…)

Info Sessions?

Some Member States organise information sessions  to prepare their citizens for competitions. Please check the page: If you do not see a link next to your Member State, it means that EPSO has not received any information on this subject from the Member State concerned.

EPSO/AD/230-231/12: Admission results

Publication of admission results in candidates’ EPSO accounts:  16/07/2012   Competition     Field   Minimum score needed in the admission tests to be invited to the assessment centre     Number of candidates invited to the Assessment centre   EPSO/AD/230/12 EPA 70.29 195 EPSO/AD/231/12 EPA 70.80 97 EPSO/AD/230/12 Law 68.16 149 EPSO/AD/231/12 Law 69.34(…)

To the attention of Spanish candidates of competition EPSO/AD/230-231/12

La Unidad de Apoyo de la Representación Permanente de España ante la UE felicita a los candidatos españoles que han superado las pruebas de acceso de los concursos EPSO/AD/230-231/12 y anuncia la convocatoria de  jornadas informativas para colaborar en la mejor preparación de las pruebas de la fase de selección (Estudio del caso y Centro(…)

Administrators’ cycle 2012 – next steps – EPSO/AD/230-231/12

On 28/06/2012, we published the results of the computer-based admission tests in the candidates’ EPSO accounts. Next steps: Letters informing candidates about their admission to the assessment centre are planned to be published before mid-July 2012 in the EPSO accounts. The computer based case study will take place on one day at one time during the last week of(…)

Provisional number of applications per grade and per field – EPSO/AD/230-231/12

Deadline for applications for the competitions for administrators (2012 cycle) was on 17/04/2012. Provisional number of applications per grade and per field:  Field  Grade  Number of applications  EUROPEAN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AD5 12287 AD7 7892  LAW AD5 4636 AD7 2130  AUDIT AD5 2675 AD7 1389  COMMUNICATION AD5 3468 AD7 2023  EXTERNAL RELATIONS AD5 6519 AD7 2338(…)

Computer-based admission tests – most important points to remember – EPSO/AD/230-231/12

Dear candidates, Please find here some tips for your computer-based tests. Good luck for your tests! Most important points to remember before you go to the test centre: • Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance. • The address of the test centre is provided via a link in your booking confirmation. • Don’t forget(…)