Assistants in different fields


  1. Financial Management / Accounting 
  2. Communication  
  3. Project Management / Programme Management / Contract Management  

Applications open: 1 December 2011
Applications close: midday (Brussels time – CET) on 17 January 2012

Guide to open competitions
Notice of Competition:
Official Journal C 350 A
Corrigendum to the Notice of Competition EPSO/AST/118/11 – DA – ITHUMTPL

• Number of applications:  17272

Financial Management / Accounting       4449
Communication          3789
Project Management / Programme Management / Contract Management   9034

• Computer-based admission tests: from 06/02/2012 to 07/03/2012

If you need more general information on our selection procedures, please have a look at the FAQs (access via the bar above).   If you cannot find an answer to your question in any of our pages, please contact us via our online web form where you should select the subject title “Ongoing competitions”.

Validity of reserve lists

The validity of a number of reserve lists for competitions organised by EPSO has been extended. Please find herewith an updated information concerning all active reserve lists. The end date of the lists may be extended in the future. Non-extension of validity of reserve lists: As the validity of a number of other reserve lists(…)

Message to Spanish laureates of competitions EPSO/AD/230-231/12 and EPSO/AST/118/11

A LA ATENCIÓN DE LOS LAUREADOS ESPAÑOLES EN LISTAS DE RESERVA AD Y AST-3 La Unidad de Apoyo ha organizado una reunión con  laureados españoles en listas de reserva en la Representación Permanente de España ante la U.E. Lugar: Bvd. Du Régent, 50. Sala Nueva. Fecha y hora: 18 de abril a las 17 horas.(…)

Reserve list of successful candidates of competition EPSO/AST/118/11

The lists of successful candidates for competition EPSO/AST/118/11 – Assistants in different fields have been published  in the Official Journal of the European Union on 12/12/2012.


La Unidad de Apoyo de la Representación Permanente de España ante la UE felicita a los candidatos españoles que han superado el proceso selectivo correspondiente al concurso EPSO/AST/118/11 ( AST3 ) y por ello estarán incluidos como laureados en la correspondiente lista de reserva. Siendo una de nuestras responsabilidades en fomento del empleo de españoles(…)

EPSO/AST/118/11 – Final competition results

Publication of assessment centre and final competition results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 30/10/2012 Number of candidates on the reserve list: 109 – Financial Management / Accounting: 31 – Communication: 31 – Project Management / Programme Management / Contract Management: 47

EPSO/AST/118/11 – technical problem

Due to a technical problem, many candidates have received their results letter without a functional link to the competency passport. The competency passport was therefore not accessible. The results letter with a correct link to the competency passport will be published today. We apologise for the inconvenience.

EPSO/AST/118/11: Updated list of the Selection Board members

  Updated list of the Selection Board members

Planning assessment center and members of the selection board – EPSO/AST/118/11

   Publication of invitation to the Assessment Centre: – first part (Case Study): 10/5/2012 – second part: 24/5/2012 Case study: 1/6/2012 Assessment Centre: between 18/6/2012 and 9/7/2012    MEMBERS OF THE SELECTION BOARD EPSO/AST/118/11 You are reminded that the work and deliberations of all selection boards are confidential and it is forbidden for any person(…)

Members of the Selection Board – AST/118/11

Members of the Selection Board

Message to the attention of Spanish candidates

La Unidad de Apoyo de la Representación Permanente de España ante la Unión Europea quiere felicitar a los candidatos españoles que hayan superado la fase de preselección y apoyarles en la preparación de la fase de selección.  Para ello, se está organizando una actividad informativa  de carácter presencial para facilitar la preparación de dicha fase(…)

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