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cast translators

EPSO/CAST/S/1/2011 – Translators: Update on the publication of results of competency tests

  For Italian, Greek, Spanish, French and Romanian, the results of competency tests are planned to be published towards the end of November. For all other languages, results of competency tests are planned to be published by language from the end of July on in the EPSO accounts.

CAST Translators: Number of candidates invited to the competency tests

Greek: 124 Spanish: 118 French: 132 Italian: 122 Romanian 123 For the number of candidates with other languages invited to the competency tests, see

CAST translators: Number of candidates having succeeded the CBT tests

  Language Number of candidates having succeeded the tests Greek 272 Spanish 423 French 310 Italian 551 Romanian 306

Updated information on the selection procedure for contract agents in the field of translation

For the five languages with verbal and numerical reasoning tests (Italian, Greek, Spanish, French and Romanian), the results for these tests are planned to be published by end of May. CV sift will start beginning of June. The invitation for the competency tests should be sent by the end of June and the tests are(…)