AST 3 research 2012

EPSOs statement about the T-124/13 and T-191/13 judgment

As promised in our previous updates of 25 September and 21 October, EPSO would like to inform you of the latest state of play following the recent judgment of the General Court in cases T-124/13 and T-191/1 on the language regime for open competitions. As stated previously, the rights of successful candidates in the three(…)


With regard to the recent judgment of the General Court in cases T-124/13 and T-191/13, case law confirms that the annulment judgment does not reopen expired appeal deadlines to contest the language regime in either on-going or already closed competitions.  EPSO therefore respectfully requests that candidates refrain from submitting complaints or Requests for Review on(…)

EPSO’s statement on the General Court judgment in Cases T-124/13 and T-191/13

On September 24 2015 the General Court delivered a judgment in Cases T-124/13 Italy vs Commission and T-191/13 Spain vs Commission annulling three Notices of Competition from 2012 and 2013. This annulment concerns the Notices of Competition for competitions EPSO/AST/125/12 – Assistants (AST3) in the fields of Audit, Finance/Accounting and Economics/Statistics; EPSO/AST/126/12 – Assistants (AST3),(…)

Reserve list of successful candidates

Assistants in the area of ​​research EPSO/AST/126/12 The list of successful candidates for this competition was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 12/02/2014. Full information on this competition is available by clicking on the navigation bar above and at

Final results

Assistants in the area of ​​research EPSO/AST/126/12 Publication of assessment centre and final competition results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 18/12/2013 Number of candidates on the reserve list: Biology, life and health sciences:  10 Chemistry:  11* Physics and materials science:  10 Nuclear research:  17* Civil and mechanical engineering:  9 Electrical engineering and electronics:  17* *(…)

Assistants research sector: Invitation to the Assessment Centres

EPSO/AST/126/12 Invitation to the Assessment Centres published in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: Written test: 21/05/2013 AC part 2: 11/06/2013 Number of candidates invited to the Assessment Centre per field: Grade AST 3 Biology Chemistry Civil and Mechanical 02/07–10/07/13 (34 candidates) 25/09–03/10/13 (32 candidates) 11/09–24/09/13 (50 candidates) Grade AST 3 Electric and Electronic Nuclear Physics 01/07–11/07/13(…)

Assistants in the area of ​​research – Names of selection board members

EPSO/AST/126/12 You are reminded that the work and deliberations of all selection boards are confidential and it is forbidden for any person who is not a member of the board to make any attempt to contact a board member; only candidates exercising the rights of appeal which are open to them may (through EPSO), in(…)

Admission results of the competion for assistants in Research

EPSO/AST/126/12 Publication of admission results in candidates’ EPSO accounts: 30/04/2013 Talent Screener – minimum score needed in the first screening stage to be selected to the second screening stage: Biology, life and health sciences : 19 Chemistry : 22 Physics and materials sciences : 17 Nuclear research : 9 Civil and mechanical engineering : 15 Electrical(…)

Assistants in the area of ​​research (AST/126/12) – Number of applications

Deadline for applications for competition AST/126/12 was 22/01/2013.     TOTAL NUMBER OF APPLICATIONS VALIDATED 2.395   1. Biology, life and health sciences 757   2. Chemistry 411   3. Civil and mechanical engineering 530   4. Electrical engineering and electronics 356   5. Nuclear research 149   6. Physics and materials science 192 Please note these figures(…)

Competitions for assistants (EPSO/AST/125/12 and EPSO/AST/126/12): deadline for applications and questions

Competitions EPSO/AST/125/12 and EPSO/AST/126/12: Please note that questions sent to the Candidate Contact Service after Monday, 21/01/2013 might not be answered before the deadline for registration (Tuesday 22/01/2013 midday – Brussels time). Please check the information at  (Assistants 2012)